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IQF Totapuri Mango Slices / Dices

Al Sahid Trade offers best quality IQF Totapuri mango in the form of slices, dices, chunks, halves and wholes. Stringent quality policy is practiced while processing the product. Only the best quality mangoes having appropriate ripeness are chosen. Ripened mangoes are then washed, peeled and sliced or diced as per the customer requirement using FAM dicer. The diced or chunked mangoes are then passed through chlorinated water. Later these dices/chunks are dewatered, inspected, weighed and packed. The final product passes through metal detector and is individually frozen in cold storage at -18° C to obtain the final finished product.
Single Strength Specifications:
PARAMETERS                             VALUE

Description                                     Individually Quick Frozen Totapuri Mango Dices / Slices /
                                                         Chunks 10x10, 15x15, 20x20mm.

Origin                                             South Africa

Raw Material/ Process                    Whole Mango (Totapuri) Found Acceptable As Per Our -
                                                         Specification, Purchased From Farm. Mangoes Are Cleaned,
                                                          Peeled, Diced Using Urschel Dicer And Frozen In Iof Freezer
                                                          At - 30'c To -35•C. The Dices Are Passed Through Metal
                                                          Detector Before Packing.

Treatment                                        No Food Additives Used.

Physical Parameters

Product Size                                    Free Flowing Dices Of Sizes 10x10mm / 15x15mm                                                                           20x20mm / Cheeks. The Dices Are Made From
                                                        Fresh/Frozen  Slices Of Semi Ripe Fruit,Vertically Cut.
                                                        Since The Slices Are Oblong Not All Dices Will Be
                                                        Completely Uniform In Shape/Size. However Up To 70-75%
                                                        Will Have Two Sides Of The Required Size,25% Will Be
                                                        Of Irregular Shape Due To The Geometry Of The Fruit.

Consistency                                       Solid

Raw Fruit                                           Less Than 5%

Sensory Analysis
Color                                                 Light To Bright Yellow

Pantone Color Chart No's                   100, 101, 102, 106, 107, 108, 109, 113, 114, 115, 121, 122, 128, 129, 1225

Taste/Smell                                       Typical Of Semi Ripen Mango

Appearance                                        Firm Before Thawing Soft After Thawing

Foreign Matters
Peels                                                   1 Pieces /100 Kg

Rotten/Mouldy Fruits                         Nil

Other Foreign Bodies                         Nil

Chemical Analysis
Tss                                                     9' - 11'(+/- 1') Brix

Acidity ( Calculated As Citric Acid Monohydrates )                   0.8% -1.6%

pH                                                     2.9 To 3.5