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IQF Musk Melon Slices / Dices

Muskmelon also known as cantaloupe is a round shaped fruit with thick greenish-white skin and orange, juicy pulp. We manufacture frozen cantaloupe or muskmelon slices and dices from selecting farm-fresh muskmelon which are properly sorted, peeled, sliced, diced and then packed. The packed product is then finally passed through individual quick freezer at controlled temperatures.
Single Strength Specification:
PARAMETERS                              VALUE

Ingredients                                  Melon - Cantaloupe / Casaba / Honeydew
                                                  Dices 10 x 10mm, Cubes 15 x 15mm, Cubes 20 x 20mm,                                                             Chunks 25 x 25mm, Balls 20 x 20mm

Origin                                         South Africa

Storage                                       Min -18° C

Shelf Life                                    2 years

Harvesting                                  June - October

Brix corrected at 20° C (o B)        > 6.0

pH                                              5.0 - 7.0

Colour                                      Natural of the Fruit

Flavour / Aroma                          Sweet Semi Ripe Melon

Microbiological Analysis

 TPC cfu/gm                            < 100000

Yeast/Mould cfu/gm                  < 1000

Coli forms cfu/gm                      < 100

E-Coli cfu/gm                             < 10

Salmonella cfu/gm                         Negative in 25g

Staphylococcus aureus                    Negative in 25g

Packing                                         10 Kg LDPE Bags in 5 ply Carton Box

Net Weight                                   10 Kgs

Cases Per FCL                                2300