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Banana Puree Concentrate

Banana puree concentrate is a new product developed at Al Sahid  Trade, made from Cavendish variety of banana. The extraction process involves mashing, homogenizing and concentrating at our processing plants.
Single Strength Specifications:
PARAMETERS                      VALUE

Brix                                           32 - 34

Consistency                               < 10

PH                                            4.0 - 4.5

Color                                        Characteristic ripe banana color

Flavor                                       Typical ripe banana flavor

Taste                                        Characteristic ripe banana taste

Bostwick cm/30 sec                  at 25 + 2°C

Preservatives                             Nil

Packing                                     220 kg aseptic bags in drums

Storage                                      Below 15°C for extended shelf life

Shelf life                                    Eighteen months from the date of manufacturing when store
                                                    below 15°C