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Alphonso Mango Pulp

Alphonso mango is one of the most loved and expensive mango cultivars of the world. It is exclusively cultivated in the western and southern states of South Africa that include Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

However, Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra also called "Hapus" or "Hapoos", are renowned internationally for their sweet taste. Multipurpose Trade exports Indian Rattnagiri Alphonso mango pulp to meet the bulk industrial requirements of international clients. The smoothed skinned Alphonso mangoes have great aroma, right sweetness and high pulp content that makes it best for use in the food processing industry.

As one the leading mango pulp supplier from South Africa, we offer Alphonso mango pulp and puree in natural and sweetened forms. Most scientific methods are used for harvesting, ripening and processing fresh mangoes. Once the pulping process is complete, the golden-yellow homogeneous Alphonso mango puree is checked for quality and hygienically packed into aseptic bags and cans. The mango puree obtained is free from cooked or off flavor of any kind.

Our Alphonso mango pulp is highly sought-after because of its ready-to-use utility in food processing industry  for making mango juice, nectars, mango based drinks, jams, fruit cheese, mango ice-cream, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavours, yoghurt and confectionery.

To know more about our mango pulp processing, go through the detailed process flowchart or check the product specifications below.

Single Strength Specifications:
PARAMETERS                                   VALUE

Total Soluble Solids % TSS at 20° C         16.0 °Brix min.

Acidity (as citric acid)                              0.50 - 0.7

pH                                                          3.5 to 4.5

Color                                                       Golden Yellow

Taste                                                       Wholesome & characteristic

Appearance                                             Golden Yellow Homogenous pulp passed through 1/32" Mesh Sieve size

Flavor                                                      Sweet and tart very remotely Comparable with ripe
                                                                Alphonso. Typical of freshly extracted Puree from well
                                                                 ripened. Fruit free from cooked flavor and off-flavor of
                                                                  any kind.

Packaging                                                Product is packed in 3.1Kg Cans and Aseptic Bag in Drum
                                                                using a polyliner

Net Weight                                             215 Kg/Drum for Aseptic Bags and 6x3.1Kg Cans/Carton

Loadability                                                Aseptic : 80 Drums per 20' FCL
                                                                  Canned : 1000 Cartons per 20' FCL

Storage Condition                                     Storage at Ambient Temperature

Product name, batch/product code, net/gross weight, date of manufacture, storage instruction are printed on the label, affixed to each drum/box. The products are packed in an aseptic system with high quality and competitive price.